Ern Baxter – The Priestly Clothing

A while ago I posted a link to Dan’s transcription of Ern Baxter’s classic “Life on Wings” series, and as a bonus added extra, converted my tape of the sermon to MP3 for download. That post has proved one of the most popular on my blog. I still get regular requests from people wanting MP3 copies of Ern’s sermons. I have posted out about 20 CDs now, but to be honest I do not really have the time to keep doing this. Sorry to those of you I have not replied to yet. It was also getting a little expensive, and though most people promised to reimburse postage costs, none actually did. So I’m waiting now until I can find somewhere I can host the files for free, and just let people download them.

Anyway, Dan has an incredible gift for transcribing sermons. I have done this once or twice and let me tell you, it takes a long time. His latest project is a transcription of Ern’s Sermon series on the High Priestly Clothing, which he preached at the Anglia Bible Week in 1983. I was there (7 years old at the time), and those Bible weeks I will always remember as times when God moved powerfully in my own life. There was a great sense of excitement in the church whenever Ern came over to speak.

Anyway, you can download the transcriptions in Word document format here.

I actually have all the tapes from the 1983 Anglia Bible Week in MP3 format. If you ask really nicely, and are prepared to be patient, perhaps I will be able to get copies of these to you.

  • Tape 1 – The Gospel of the Kingdom (Stanley Jebb)
  • Tape 2 – From God’s Perspective (Howard Carter)
  • Tape 3 – Kingdom of Priests (Ern Baxter)
  • Tape 4 – The Kingdom Church (Howard Carter)
  • Tape 5 – The Linen Breeches (Ern Baxter)
  • Tape 6 – The Coat of Fine Linen (Ern Baxter)
  • Tape 7 – Victory Through Surrender (Howard Carter)
  • Tape 8 – The Robe of the Ephod (Ern Baxter)
  • Tape 9 – The Ephod (Ern Baxter)
  • Tape 10 – The People of Truth (Howard Carter)
  • Tape 11 – Strange Fire (Ern Baxter)

Update: I am afraid I am no longer able to provide these sermons, but if you would like access to a wealth of Ern Baxter sermons, please visit Broken Bread Teaching.

28 thoughts on “Ern Baxter – The Priestly Clothing

  1. Mark,
    Thanks for hosting the transcripts of Ern Baxters sermons on the priestly garments – I would appreciate a copy of these sermons in MP3 format – please e-mail me – Dan has recently sent me the series – The King and His army – I am grounding myself in the word again and settling my heart in the truth – Ern is such a clear expounder of the word and there are not many even today who can expound the word as he did.
    God bless


  2. Mark,
    I definitely want MP3 copies of these, and will pay you or whatever, ahead of time! Please let me know what you need from me. Many blessings!! — Don

  3. I’ve been introduced to Ern Baxter through Dan’s website called “Life on Wings” so I just wanted to say a big huge “THANK YOU” for hosting these sermons.

    I am already half way through and I just cannot put them down. Ern’s love for God’s glorious church, Ern’s passion for Word and Spirit – it is all here.

    Thanks so much Mark!

  4. Yes I too am a follower of Dan’s website! Thank you a thousand times for posting this material for him and thank you to him too for taking the time to transcribe it.

    I have been anxiously waiting for this since he first spoke about it and I cannot believe that there is 150 pages of pure solid gold teaching from the Word of God by a charismatic Bible teacher!! we are blessed indeed!!

    Thank you again to you both for carrying this vision and holding it to not allow these truths to die.

    We are so indebted to you both.

  5. Mark, have you thought about compressing the MP3 sermons to WINRAR files and uploading them to somewhere like sendspace. I have done this myself before – where I have compressed mp3 files to WINRAR and then uploaded them to sendspace and have provided the links for people to then download them. You will be provided the links once the files are uploaded and can put them on your website – Sendspace or don’t charge anything for upload or download of files.
    It is worth considering – God bless

  6. Mark … you and Dan are complete and utter STARS.

    Have you ever thought about setting up church together? I’d be your first member like a shot – you two are IMPRESSIVE!

  7. You know what I loved – I actually loved reading the introduction to these sermons by our transcriber – Dan himself. You can see that these transcripts are a labour of love, and that Dan doesn’t pretend to be anything official – not in any official ministry, or capacity, or role – he just simply is a fan of Ern Baxters. And that shines through! And you know what – I LOVED reading that! Just 3 pages – but it made me think … wow this guy Ern must be worth reading.

    I’m a pastor’s wife from the USA and I am just so blessed that you two lads are at work doing this. It is unique, it is rare, and you are a gift to the church of Jesus Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have worn out my printer so that I can dump it on my husbands desk, because I want to see Ern Baxter’s ministry touching his preaching and teaching. (He reads off books rather than the computer!).

    Thank you so much to you both – Dan and Mark.

  8. Hi everyone. Glad you enjoyed Dan’s work.

    Paul: I have thought of that option, although they do tend to delete your files if they are inactive for a period of time. I may try one out anyway. I’ll let you know when I do so.
    Don: I’ve not forgotton you either. I’ll see what I can do in the next week or so.
    Scotty: It was a dream we had when we started “Full Faith”, maybe one day it will happen. I think we both still have a lot to learn though before taking on something like that.
    Michael, Ollie, Annette: thanks for the encouragement. To be honest, it was Dan that did the hard bit!

  9. Really glad that everyone seems to be enjoying and benefiting from the transcripts. A friend of mine has emailed me a PDF version of the “Priestly Clothing” – I didn’t realise that not everyone can open the version that is posted here. If anyone wants it – email me and I will forward it to you.

    If anyone has any thoughts or testimonies to share after reading it, do share it. I know it will encourage both of us!

  10. That is amazing that you both had a dream! You may have a lot to learn – but never forget you both have a lot to give. Remember the parable of the talents. Don’t go burying your gifts because of humility or because you’re waiting. The fields are white unto harvest … but the labourers are few!

  11. You asked for comments after reading this most OUTSTANDING manuscript … well here goes my contribution! I have never ever been so floored by such prophetic, powerful direct and specific Bible teaching in my life. Not only did Ern Baxter unpack the obvious literal meanings of the garments but he applied them to us, made them relevent to us. And I was just floored by it!

    I suddenly had a complete revelation of the glory and majesty of God (as I was in the sermon on the Ephod actually). This is a holy God – He will not tolerate sin, He will not tolerate “Strange Fire”. And by the way I believe that the conversation that is going on on Dan’s website about how to handle movements of God couldn’t be more relevent for our time. I love the way that Dan tied in the example of Nadab and Abihu with the way that license creeps in and we so quickly think that the laws of God do not apply when the Spirit of God is moving.

    Yet at the same time, I was absolutely amazed by how “for us” God is! Away with the antitheses to grace!! Away with legalism! God is so for us! He is longing to show us His glory! He is longing for a people!

    So thank you once again to you both for making this life-changing material available. The fruit it will reap across the world I believe will be huge.

    Blessings evermore!

  12. My testimony concerns what Dr Baxter had to teach on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the sermon, “The Robe of the Ephod”. I think living in charismatic life I have always taken the baptism of the Spirit for granted. It’s something that happens after conversion at some point and it is exciting but it isn’t that big a deal. I worry that the reason for this is that our fathers fought for the baptism of the Spirit – i.e people like Arthur Wallis and Terry Virgo and Dr Lloyd-Jones – but now that it is largely accepted among charismatics we don’t talk about it anymore. And Third Wave just brings confusion by placing the emphasis on gifts.

    Anyway … I was tremendously moved by the way that Ern Baxter put the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the context of Jesus Christ’s present work in heaven for us. It is vital! The Baptism of the Spirit does indeed tell us that the blood has been accepted and we are acceptable before the Father. The sound of the golden bells! Wow. I am sure that the Spirit of God was hovering over the meeting after that, because of those beautiful pictures of Ern in worship.

    I think that we must revisit the Baptism of the Spirit and not forget that new converts have an inheritance they are entitled to.

    So thank you for this once again Dan and Mark!

  13. Awesome.

    That is the only word that can describe this treasure trove! I have printed them off and bound them.


  14. This book has made such a significant impact on my life – thank you to you both. it has changed my view of salvation, what Christ did for us, how He brought us out – to go somewhere, and the life we should live while we are on our way to the land. i am copying it and giving it to all my friends! especially my non-christian friends because i believe that they will love this frank – honest – but Spirit saturated preaching of the Word of God!

  15. What an supremely awesome gift to the Church!! Reading this manuscript has fuelled me like never before to see the Church in a new light. Wow … I feel like I am standing on holy ground! To see the vitality of holiness. To see the vitality of Christ’s work here on earth and now in heaven. To see the potential for God to COME DOWN!

    A thousand thanks for bringing this to us.

  16. I think you’ve got an important point there James. For those of us who find reading quite hard, surely our diet should be limited to manuscripts like this that actually fuel us to see the Church in a new light as you put so rightly!! And above all to fire our passion to see God come down in revival!! Why else read? Unless we come away with treasures that make us realise that we have got to know God just a little bit more?

    This manuscript is still bearing fruit untold in me – Dan and Mark. I want you to know this. I read again the work that Ern did on the “Linen Breeches” and I was just undone at how lightly we take with and deal with sin. That it actually doesn’t matter whether it is a secret sin or not – that the fact is God knows and He just won’t tolerate sin in His manifest Presence.

  17. Greetings! Thank you a thousand times for these precious, costly manuscripts. They are so rich in teaching, in theology and in the Spirit of God and we value them so highly.

  18. Dear Mark; The blog is new to me. I need to get your e-mail address to write you in person. I’m very pleased to have found you and Dan. As I was a Bible student, I became under the influence of Ern Baxter. I left Bible School after a year and ended up in Ern’s church in Chicago Faith Tabernacle, about 1969. He became my pastor for several years, and my friend. I followed him the rest of his life until he saw us for the last time in Minnesota. I have almost all his tapes. Some I haven’t even listened to yet. I have all his books too. Next to Jesus, he was a dear friend to me. I came close to joining Charles Simpson in Mobile, AL. just to have access to his library. I have transcribed his message on the Adam/Christ Analogy (8 tapes- 75 pgs.) transcribing takes alot of time and energy. I re-edited his Romans 1-5 notes because they were barely readable. It took a year. I even added to it! I say all that to say I want to “talk” with you and Dan (Baxter boy) and see what we can share. I don’t know how often you read new material or how the blog thing works but I hope you read this soon. My email address is [email protected] I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA There is a cassette library of Ern Baxter tapes called “Fresh Bread Tape Library” in Baton Rouge, LA. later, Bill Evans

  19. Bill I have been looking for years for copies of Ern’s taped messages. If you can help or get copies of what you have I will compensate you.


    George Dunn
    [email protected]

  20. Dan
    I would like to get what ever tapes you or if others may have on Earns Teachings
    if that possible I was under Dick and Karen Williams Who cared for
    Earn and Ruth when they moved to California. Now that Iam much
    older His teachings are more real to me than ever about the Now
    Word of God That many christians are missing. You have my e-mail
    Please write me or if you would like please give me a call my#
    is (630)625-2897 Thank you
    Ray Zick

  21. Greetings from New Zealand,

    I would love to have a copy of the 1983 Anglia Bible Week in MP3 format. I appreciate all the work you are putting into your ministry.



  22. can you activate the links to download the sermon “life on wings” by ern baxter? they are broken or dead. please email me when they are active. thanks

  23. Greetings from Houston, Texas.
    I also would love to have a copy of the 1983 Anglia Bible Week in MP3 format. Mark Chironna mentioned Ern Baxter, Life on Wings, in a recent conference. I so appreciate the work you are doing, the time you sacrifice to do this, and the willingness of heart to provide the MP3 downloads. Thank you so much.

    Blessings, Maggie

  24. Greetings all the way from Malaysia!!

    I’m not familiar with Ern Baxter, but I have heard of his ministry.

    I’d love to have a copy of the mp3 series on ‘Priestly Clothing’

    God Bless


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