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Yet again, the general business of life as a father of three has kept me from posting much up here, so I’ll direct any visitors to some cool stuff I’ve come across this week.

  • Mark Mould has started blogging. Mark has become a good friend over the last year or so as I discovered he shares my passion for theology, an appreciation for the Puritans (he’s reading the works of John Flavel at the moment), and a crazy enough sense of humour to be able to enjoy full faith.
  • Jon Brombley has put some of his songs online at myspace. In fact, I’ve just noticed that Harun Kotch another friend from my church has some of his songs online too as well as some from his band Replenish.
  • Mark Roberts has been working on an excellent series on the Da Vinci Code, with some very useful posts on the historical reliability of the New Testament
  • Paul Schafer has created a great list of newfrontiers churches with audio sermons online.
  • If you thought you would skip downloading sermons from Bethlehem Baptist Church while John Piper was on sabbatical, think again. He has a first rate lineup of stand-in preachers, including Wayne Grudem and Sam Storms.
  • NT Scholar Andreas Kostenberger is blogging.
  • And finally, Richard Collins has produced another podcast. I haven’t listened to it yet, but he’s always thought-provoking.

0 thoughts on “Some Links

  1. Mark,

    Thank you for putting me on your blog post. I hope you would also enjoy the other various online audio sermons as well.


    Paul Schafer
    College Station, TX

  2. Gosh, Bethlehem’s sabbatical preachers make one’s mouth water! How come they get C J Mahaney for 3 weeks running? That’s just rude! It kind of makes our time at WSBC when Dr Jebb was away seem a bit …

    And what a theme! I will definately be downloaded Grudem and Storms on this!

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