New Blog Platform

I have recently had to move my blog to a new server as my ISP was shutting the old one down. I took the opportunity to switch to WordPress and updated the site appearance a little. I have tried to migrate all the posts and comments as best as I can, but there may well be a few broken links around here while I finish tidying up.

If you subscribe to this blog via my feedburner URL (, then you should experience no interruption in service. Please let me know if you experience any problems.

While I’m at it, I might as well reveal a few interesting facts about my most popular posts over the last year:

1. The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Sand is by far my most popular post ever, and is one of the oldest posts on my blog. Apparently google seems to think I am the authority on it. I preached a sermon on it once.

2. Commentaries and NIV For e-Sword comes second although it is old news now.

3. Biblical Prayer Topics is also very popular – “Prayer Topics” is my top google keyword

4. Commentary Series Reviews – Bible Speaks Today – I have nearly read the entire BST series (perhaps I’ll finish in 2009) and most of them are reviewed somewhere on this blog.

5. Ern Baxter – Life on Wings – this was actually a post to host a friend’s document, but has consistently been one of the most popular items on my blog, and certainly the one I get most email about. Also, Ern Baxter – The Priestly Clothing is equally popular.

6. ESV – A breathtaking translation – is a slightly controversial post where I criticise the ESV (only a little though, it is my translation of choice at the moment and I’m hoping to get an ESV Study Bible for Christmas).

7. Book Review – Prophetic Evangelism – apparently a lot of people get to my blog by searching for Mark Stibbe.

8. The Word of Knowledge – where I ponder what exactly this gift is. Lots of comments on this one!

7. Seven Point Calvinism – not many people blogging about this, so I come near the top of the google hit list.

8. My Reformed Charismatic Journey Part 2 – part of a series where I talked about how I came to be a “reformed charismatic”

9. I do not know Rob Bell – hint for bloggers: write something about Rob Bell. It will be popular.

10. Parachurch Organizations – another slightly controversial one where I dare to question the infallible newfrontiers magazine!

11. My Commentary Recommendations – did I mention that I love reading commentaries?

12. Book Review – Total Church – absolutely brilliant book. Actually got a comment from one of the authors which is a first for my blog!

As for google search words, the top ones are “prayer topics” and an innumerable number of variations on the theme of “the wise man built his house upon the rock” (including one poor soul who got here wanting to know “how to build houses with rocks”). People in the top 20 are Mark Stibbe, Rob Rufus, Ern Baxter, and Simon Ponsonby. There are also a remarkable number of people who arrive thanks to googling a variation on the phrase “is newfrontiers a cult?”. The answer is no.

One person searched for “I was male now I am female”. No, I’m definitely still male. The person who searched for “Simon Ponsonby blog” still has to wait. He’s not even on facebook yet. But my favourite search of all goes to “I love Mark Heath”. Hopefully it was my wife… (and honestly it wasn’t me)