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There are a number of websites with lists of recommended commentaries, but not all are that helpful. Here I will post a list of what I believe to be the most useful sets of commentary recommendations on the internet. The recommendations come from an evangelical perspective.

Denver Seminary have recommendations for the Old Testament and New Testament. There are plenty of choices for each book, with some marked out as being specially appropriate.

Parableman – Commentary Recommendations – This is fairly similar to the Denver list, recommending three different “levels” for each book. It is extremely helpful in providing links to thorough reviews of many of the commentaries recommended.

Desiring God also provide a recommendations list on their website. This is great news, as John Piper knows what he is talking about in the area of Biblical exegesis.

For my own recommendations, see here. Brian Le Stourgeon also has a good list available here.

4 thoughts on “Commentary Recommendations

  1. Would you mind looking over a list I created primarily for pastors and seminarians and consider adding it to your list here?

    It is a bit different than some other lists because I detail the criteria I use for selections and only give one recommendation per book of the Bible (i.e. the first one you should purchase).

    If you decide not to let your readers know about it then feel free to delete my comment. Thanks for the consideration.

    The list can be found here,
    or here.

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