Song – See My Face No More

In my lunch hours at work, I have been trying to improve my mixing abilities by revisiting old recording projects. It meant I didn’t have opportunity to re-record any parts, but I could change the effects, and fix any problems in the MIDI recordings. This song is the first one I recorded for Ali McLachlan, originally using Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, back in 2001. It’s based on Paul’s farewell to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20.

You can listen to it or download it from my Soundclick page here.


The vocals were all by Ali McLachlan singing through a pair of my wife’s tights stretched over a coathanger into an old Toshiba microphone. Ali was a very easy vocalist to work with – most of his takes were spot on first time, and he always sang with full conviction. For the remix, I added some compression and EQ, and a bit more reverb.
Drums & Percussion
The drums were programmed and used sounds from my Korg X5D. I replaced the sounds with nskit7 samples, and improved the patterns to vary the velocities. I found some free conga samples on the internet for the outro.
Acoustic Guitar
I added some compression and reverb to the acoustic guitar part, as it was completely dry in the first version, which sounded a bit odd on the introduction.
The original organ sound was (I think) from my Korg X5D. I managed to recreate something close enough using the Organized Trio VSTi.
The bass guitar I used was a very cheap model in the shape of a Gibson SG. Its output completely lacks definition, and nearly nothing in the higher frequency range. A bit of compression and EQ helped things along a bit, but really I could have done with re-recording it. I also borrowed some notes from an earlier chorus to fix some duff ones in chorus two.
Electric Guitar
The electric guitar parts were left more or less unchanged from the original, except the levels were dropped a bit on the lead guitar.
I used samples of my P200 to replay this part, and fixed a couple of notes accidentally hit too hard.
Again I found the Sonitus Multiband Compressor gave really nice results.


I’ll be gone on the rising tide with the gale at my back
Compelled by the will of God to walk a certain track.
Solemn prayers in the salted air, then part from the shore.
Tears shed and a farewell said, “You’ll see my face no more”.

Don’t break my heart,
Though it may be hard.
Let me play my part.
Don’t keep me from the will of God.

Come loosen your chords of love that bind me here with you.
There’s time to run and a time to hide, a time to follow through.
Rough or smooth, I never get to choose, I’m happy just to serve.
That he leads me in his will is far more than I deserve.

There are times of opposition
Hardships down the road I tread
But doubts and fears leave me no options
God’s way is the way ahead

I’m back in the old town now with the music to be faced.
If my vow is sealed anywhere, I’m sure this will be the place.
Wreck the peace with a chance to preach the gospel to the Jews.
Inner pain and a Roman chain, but with a life still left to lose.

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