Post-Restorationist Links

As far as I know, there’s no one who refers to themselves as a “post-restorationist”, but perhaps that would be a good way to describe a couple of sites I discovered this week.

The first is the blog of Ger Jones, which I discovered thanks to his insightful comments on a post about Restorationism. Anyway, Ger is the son of Bryn Jones, so he probably has a better inside view of Restorationism than most. Ger is currently studying at Regent college in Canada. I read his entire blog last night, and there’s lots of interesting stuff there, and he deserves more readers than he apparently gets, judging by the lack of comments.

The second is the website of David Matthew, himself a former significant player in Restorationism, and mentioned many times in Restoring the Kingdom. There is a very interesting article entitled “No Revival, So What Now?” which addresses the topic of what direction the “new churches” are going in. His analysis is quite perceptive, outlining four trends from which he highlights both strengths and weaknesses. I think New Frontiers would probably agree with much of his suggestion for synthesis, all except for his preference for churches not to grow overly large, which is something NFI are unashamedly pushing at the moment.