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I have been meaning to update my links to other blogs for quite some time now, and I have finally got round to making a few changes. There are a few more to be added, but I will mention a few now, and perhaps some more in a future post.

First is my friend Dan, who has named his blog “Life on Wings”, in honour of Ern Baxter, who had a profound influence on his thinking. Dan and I went to the same church and school, and both of us share a passion for all things Word and Spirit. He has a considerable theological book collection, and often quotes from what he’s been reading or listening to. He tends to write much more passionately and directly than I do, and so there is always potential for a good discussion in the comments.

Mark Roberts is a pastor, with a good amount of knowledge into the historical background of the New Testament. His posts tend to be long articles, serialised into chunks. As its nearly Christmas, perhaps you might want to check out his excellent series on the birth of Jesus which is what got me started reading his blog.

Parableman has been a long-term favourite of mine, mainly because Jeremy Pierce, the main contributor seems to share my passion for commentaries. He has a post that is undoubtedly become the main source on the internet for forthcoming commentaries. He also has a good knowledge of philosophy and his arguments are always very well thought through. He posts on some subjects that I have no interest in at all (Sci Fi and American politics), but despite that, there is lots here that I enjoy.

Sven has left New Frontiers and headed East (theologically at least), but remains one of my favourite bloggers. He has extracted the two sides to his character into two blogs – crazy Sven and theological Sven. Both are worth a read though you need the right sense of humour for the first.

Rob Wilkerson is a fellow Reformed Charismatic, and has done an incredible job maintaining an index of the recent charismatic blogger debate. The site is entitled “Miscellanies on the Gospel”, and the SGM distinctive love of the gospel shines through his posts. It is also a great jumping off point to other excellent Christian sites.

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  1. ‘crazy sven’ – I’ve never been called that before, oddly enough, though I see your point. Thanks for the link 🙂

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