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My friend Dan Bowen has sent me a copy of his (unpublished) book on Ern Baxter, which he has given me permission to make available online. Dan is a nurse, currently working in Bristol, and shares my passion for studying the Bible and theology, as well as a love for Word and Spirit. We both attended the same church (see my story here), where Ern had a lot of input. Ern would come over to the UK once or twice a year and put on a series of meetings at the church or to speak at a Bible week. His teaching left a big impact on everyone, myself included, but Dan especially grew to appreciate Ern through listening to the tapes and videos of the years he was around (we were only in our early teens when Ern died).

Dan spent a lot of time and effort putting this together, and contacted a lot of people as he researched it. He has real skill and patience when it comes to transcribing audio. When he finished it last year, he gave copies to some of the pastors who had known Ern, including Stanley Jebb from Dunstable, and Terry Virgo who heads up New Frontiers. Perhaps it was not coincidence that Terry Virgo’s next editorial in the New Frontiers magazine drew from Ern’s teaching.

Update: A lot of the links in this post are now unfortunately broken. However, if you want access to lots of Ern Baxter MP3s (including Life on Wings), visit Broken Bread Teaching.

Anyway, download it and read it here in Microsoft Word format. I might get round to converting it to HTML format if there is enough interest.

As a free gift of my own to go with the book, here is the famous Life on Wings sermon in MP3 format. Its over 13Mb – the sermon is 1h 17min (that’s actually short for Ern! – many of his sermons are over 90 minutes). I have a good number of other Ern MP3 sermons which I can make available to people on request (its over 250Mb so I’m not putting it online).

ps Dan is also one of the founder members of Full Faith, and can be seen in a number of the photos.

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  1. Hi,

    I would also be very grateful for any of Ern’s stuff you have on MP3.

    Thank you very much.


  2. I’ve posted 2 sets of Ern’s teachings on my pod site. One on the Mission of the Church and the other Ern speaking on the government of God. I will be posting more in the future.

  3. I had I opportunity to hear Ern speak one, & I still remember it. I’ve just read Ern’s book ‘God’s Agenda’ that someone lent me, and it was brilliant. Please tell me how I can get hold of any Ern Baxter MP3s you have.


  4. Contact George Runyan in San Diegp California to get copies of Ern’s two books, I believe he can get them for you. His email is [email protected] he has a friend who set under Ern’s teaching a I believe put them together to publish the books.

    I find Ern’s mp3 messages the same as everyone I serch the net. I will post one or two more before much longer on my podcast site at

    Jerry <><

  5. Hi Dan: Some time past I had a cassette tape of a sermon by Ern Baxter. I do not recall the title but he spoke about the eagle, sunning itself on a rock; about his grandmother praying for him and now he has grandmothers all over the country praying for him, some as young as 16; about his granmother knowing she was dying and visiting relatives first; about a righteous man and a good man. He sang a song given to him at the time he was speaking by the Holy Spirit. Does this sound familiar? How can I find this and/or would it be possible to get a copy?

    Thanks so much,
    Liz D.

  6. Thank you very much for making “life On Wings” available. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been trying to find it. I wonder if it’s poosible to re-master it with the digital technology available today. I’d sure like to make it available to others without having to strain to hear it. God bless you.

  7. I just read sal’s comment about the Eagle Christians tape and Life on Wings tape. I believe he is exactly right. Do you agree with sal? If so, do you have the Eagle Christian version? Thanks again.

  8. Thanks for putting up “Life on Wings!” If anyone knows where I can download other messages by Ern Baxter, please let me know. I used to have several tapes that are now broken. One was a sermon and personal life story about “The Lord of the Harvest.” I think I heard this as a very young man at the Tennessee Georgia Christian Camp at Rock Eagle, GA. I’m now 54 years old, but always remember the powerful way God moved as Ern spoke.

  9. I have been blessed by this message and would love to have to access to more of Dr. Baxter’s sermons. Please send to me whatever Ern Baxter MP3s you are making available. Thank you very much!

    Royal Blessings!

    – Derrick

  10. I have an original cassette from CGM of this and Mumfords Psalm 23 two ive kept forever.

  11. Please send me of Dr. Baxters sermons especially if there are any on royalty and kingdom



  12. I spent eight days at a family camp in 1965 that was transforming! Ern Baxter taught the Book of Galatians.
    Thank God for his teachings that remain through print and audio.
    I would like to request Ern’s message on “God’s Army.”

  13. Mark, the link to Ern Baxter’s Life on wings is broken. If it’s not too much trouble, please send me any Mp3 files you might have of Ern’s teachings.


  14. Dear Team,

    Ern Baxter, William Branham and Tommy Osborn are but a few of those who impacted our generation for Christ.

    I was in my late teens and early twenties when Osborn brought us Holland Wonder, Black Gold and other spirit- filled, divine healing revivals under God. Prior to Osborn, Baxter and Gordon Lindsay helped guide Branham in the early days of which could have been the greatest revival the world has seen since Pentecost.

    Thank God for the privilege of having lived then. I long to see the Master moving in such awesome power once more. He will do just that when He finds the man or woman available and yielded to Him. Do it again, Lord !

    Jim Verner (missionary to Thailand and Cambodia)

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  16. I have several old reel-to-reel tapes made at the Tennessee/Georgia Christian Camps in the 70’s – There were several of Derek Prince which I donated to the Derek Prince Ministries in NC. There were others of teachings by Ern Baxter, Bob Mumford and others… I listed to these tapes over and over years ago but no longer have a working player. They are great teachings and were such a blessing to me… I would like to see them transferred from the reel-to-reel to some device for modern listening. :o) Any ideas?

  17. I have posted over 400 of Ern Baxter’s sermons in MP3 format on my website. These can be freely downloaded. I have a high speed digitizer which I used to convert Baxter cassettes. I have also converted sermons from reel to reel to MP3. Converting from reel to reel is done in real time – in other words it takes one hour to convert a one hour sermon.

    Anyone who has cassettes or reels by Baxter which are NOT listed on the Broken Bread Teaching website that they would like to share with the world can contact me from the link on my website. I know that Mark Heath has several which I do not have. They can send me copies of the cassettes so I do not have to return them.

    I do NOT provide a conversion service for a fee. I am only interested in Baxter sermons. I will NOT convert any other cassettes. Sorry.

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