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My friend Dan Bowen has sent me a copy of his (unpublished) book on Ern Baxter, which he has given me permission to make available online. Dan is a nurse, currently working in Bristol, and shares my passion for studying the Bible and theology, as well as a love for Word and Spirit. We both attended the same church (see my story here), where Ern had a lot of input. Ern would come over to the UK once or twice a year and put on a series of meetings at the church or to speak at a Bible week. His teaching left a big impact on everyone, myself included, but Dan especially grew to appreciate Ern through listening to the tapes and videos of the years he was around (we were only in our early teens when Ern died).

Dan spent a lot of time and effort putting this together, and contacted a lot of people as he researched it. He has real skill and patience when it comes to transcribing audio. When he finished it last year, he gave copies to some of the pastors who had known Ern, including Stanley Jebb from Dunstable, and Terry Virgo who heads up New Frontiers. Perhaps it was not coincidence that Terry Virgo’s next editorial in the New Frontiers magazine drew from Ern’s teaching.

Update: A lot of the links in this post are now unfortunately broken. However, if you want access to lots of Ern Baxter MP3s (including Life on Wings), visit Broken Bread Teaching.

Anyway, download it and read it here in Microsoft Word format. I might get round to converting it to HTML format if there is enough interest.

As a free gift of my own to go with the book, here is the famous Life on Wings sermon in MP3 format. Its over 13Mb – the sermon is 1h 17min (that’s actually short for Ern! – many of his sermons are over 90 minutes). I have a good number of other Ern MP3 sermons which I can make available to people on request (its over 250Mb so I’m not putting it online).

ps Dan is also one of the founder members of Full Faith, and can be seen in a number of the photos.

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  1. Hello

    Thank you so much for the Ern Baxter download. I saw him once in Bradford England not long before he died. He was an inspiring man.
    Do you have the 2nd part of Life on Wings and I will have anything else you have please by this amazing speaker

    Thank you

    Peter White

  2. i would be interested in getting the Ern Baxter MP3 sermons
    which you mention.


  3. Just a note to any that found “Life on Wings” helpful … I have just finished transcribing a series that Ern Baxter preached at the Anglia Bible Week (1984) on “The Priestly Garments” – a masterful series, taking each garment the priest wore and examining the symbolism and typology therein. It will be available shortly!

  4. It was incredibly moving to read the article about Ern … wow!!

    I wonder if the interest is there, whether consideration should be given to establishing a website making his teaching available? Spurgeon’s got one (, Piper’s got one, Sam Storms has got one!! I dont have a CLUE about the technical side, but I’d be thrilled to make available all the written transcribed stuff I have!

    Maybe a discussion point?

  5. I would like to purchase Ern Baxter teaching tapes – I don’t have an MP3 player – do you have them on audio cassette?



  6. Mark,

    I Googled ERN BAXTER and found your site. What a blessing!
    Would you have the time to burn a CD on MP3 for me? I would be delighted cover your expense.


  7. Liz,

    Yes I have a huge number of Ern’s tapes on cassette. Would you like to email me your address and I’d be more than happy to make copies for you and send them out. Let me know what kind of subjects you would be interested in and I’ll tell you what I’ve got.


  8. hello …. i am a christian here in sydney australia .,… when i was a teenage boy the ministry of bob mumford, derek prince and ern baxter (amongst others) changed my life …. but somehow the “busyness” of life seems to have sqeezed it all aside ….. and now when i look into the eyes of my two beautiful children i yearn for them to know the love that i once had for Jesus …. and i know deep down that it can only start with me …. i need to “find my way home again”

    i would dearly love to be able to get some of this great teaching material … i have a broadband connection and do not mind downloading it … i am very happy to donate towards the cost …please let me know how i can access some of these mp3’s …

    thank you
    [email protected]

  9. I’d love to have a copy of all of Ern’s teachings for my personal library. Obviously, I’d be happy to pay for all expenses. Ern was a dynamic and passionate communicator of the majesty and mystery of God.

    Thank you!

    Matt Browning

  10. I’ve got to get hold of some of these sermons by Ern. My dad turned me on to him. Let me know where I can download mp3s. Thanks so much!!!!

  11. Greetings to all.

    Does anyone here have any information on Baxter and his relationship with F.F. Bosworth? He worked with Bosworth during the Branham years. I’m doing research on Bosworth and would like to know if Baxter ever mentioned him.



  12. Hi Roscoe,

    I’m not aware of any occasion where Baxter mentioned Bosworth – at least I’ve never heard any on the tapes where he talks about working with Branham the most.

    He does talk about Gordon Lindsey, but that’s it apart from Branham himself. His take on all the healers themselves were that there gifts were most definately genuine but some got into error when they didn’t stay true to their own anointing.

    Sorry not to have more information, but I’d be fascinated to know if you hear anything more!

    Every blessing


  13. Hey Matt,

    I’d love to send you all the copies of my tapes – I’ve got about 250 to 300. Gimme an email with your details and we can sort how and when you want them!

    Dan x

  14. Hi – Is it possible to get copies of Ern’s preaches in MP3. CD’s, downlaods – whatever is easiest.



  15. hi send you be able to send me the ern baxter sermons. i been hunting for ages to try to find some of his stuff.


    i will send you my address, via email when i get a email from you.

    thanks again

  16. would anyone be able to send me any of the ern baxter seromon they have. heard some of this man’ stuff before and love them. i have been trying for ages to get some of his sermons.

    i would be most gratefull.


  17. I am very interested in the Ern Baxter MP3s that you have. I would be willing to pay the cost for you to burn them and mail to me in the US.

  18. I would very much like to obtain copies of the sermons you have by Ern.

    Blessings – Paul.

  19. I’ve been trying to find a copy of an Ern Baxter teaching called, “Eagle Christians” for years. If you have a copy please contact me. Thanks.


  20. Hi John,

    I think “Eagle Christians” is the same version of the message that is called “Life on Wings”. If its the same one you’re thinking of – it is where he preaches on and compares us as Christians to eagles. One of his unique messages indeed!

    I’ve got a copy if you want to email me for details.

  21. Hi I have been scouring the net for stuff on ern

    i would love to have the mp3s

    and how can i get the unpublished book and is he looking for a publisher

    Randall Hoekstra
    40 celia sw
    wyoming michigan usa
    [email protected]

  22. Hi Dan

    I came to the Lord listening to Ern Baxter’s tape “Life on Wings” (Eagle Christian) in 1973. His ministry particularly, helped lay the foundation for my walk with the Lord. Many of the things he taught are still with me today. He wrote in a New Wine Magazine in July 1978 the following statement ” Do you know why you are still a Christian after 10,20,30,40,50 years? Because the Blood of Jesus Christ , God’s Son, has an ongoing value for you before a Holy God, and it is through that blood that you are maintained in a right relationship to God.
    Do you know how I can get the biography on his life, or any of his tapes or CD’s.


  23. I’ve also been trying to find a copy of an Ern Baxter teaching called, “Eagle Christians” for years. If you have a copy please contact me. Thank you very much.

  24. Just stumbled across your website! Ern Baxter on MP3 format.Kindly advise.

    Stefan UK

  25. Hi, I have been searching for any mp3 sermons that I can download of Ern Baxter, Bob mumford and the rest of the Ft. Lauderdale five, and if you could help me obtain any, I would be most appreciative. My church is slowly coming to life, and I like to distribute such things to help them.

    Thank you so much!

  26. Mark –
    I would be grateful if you could try to get Ern Baxter’s Life on Wings talk to me
    I am currnetlfinishing my MTh dissertation on the Shepherding Movement and this would be a valuable resource, as is the paper for which you provide a link here


  27. Hi Mark

    I am still trying to get a copy of the CD’s but I hear your point about non-payers etc. I tried folder shre but never managed to get a connnection so I presume it never worked.

    If possible is there anyway I can at least get a copy ‘Life on Wings’ – I’ll drive to Southhampton if that helps.



  28. From the late 70’s New Wine Tape of the Month tapes, one of the teachers (Ern, Joe G., or Don Baxter, I think) delivered a message about hope. The tape may very well have been entitled “Hope”.

    If anyone has that message or knows where I could find the audio of it, that would be appreciated. I can be reached at [email protected].


  29. I would love to get hold of any of Ern’s teachings by audio tape.Especially his teaching on Eph4(unity) and anything on leadership,sanctificationetc.I’m willing to pay up front .Thanks Mark.

  30. I have a cassette series By Ern Baxter titled “The Revealed Purposes of God”, preached at Redeemer Temple, Denver Co., 3/76. A couple of the cassettes are deteriorated and I would like to turn the cassetes into CD’s. Would you know where I might obtain a copy of this series?

  31. I’m interested in the mp3 audio files you have and would be grateful if these could be emailed, am willing to pay any costs if it’s easier for you to send them in another format.


  32. I would like a Word copy of the Ern series you have transcribed. Thanks for your effort.

  33. what would be a good thing to do if your serious about

    giving these to those hungry for strong meat is upload them to a place like this

    where anyone can get them and its no cost to you

    perhaps some of the people who asked for them and never paid for them and ruined it for the rest of us

    might want to do this

  34. Hello Mark

    Do you have Ern Baxter MP3s etc for sale? If you do then I would love to buy some of them. Please can you contact me with details pirices, how to pay etc.


  35. I”ve read God’s Agenda and The King, the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit, I also have a short teaching on the 1st 5 chapters of Romans and would love to have the rest. I believe these were taught out of his home in California where many would gather to listen/learn from/ his teachings. I would like to have any more on the Romans thing but I understood he stopped after the 5th chapter?

    Any info?

  36. Did you find a copy of “Eagle Christians” by Ern Baxter? If not, let me know and I can e-mail you a copy.

  37. Hello,

    I would very much like to receive access to Ern Baxter’s teaching in an audio format. This includes “Life on Wings”, but all many others.

    Kindly inform how to obtain them.


    Gary Skrobot
    Denver, CO USA

  38. There are a couple brief bios of F F Bosworth on the internet, one by Whatley which includes some information on the 1930s, and a few old sermons of his also on the internet. Three sources appear to be available for information on Bosworth. One is the most recent (and most complete) copy of his book “Christ the Healer” – 9th ed – published by Revell. Second is a 1927 book by Perkins called “Joybringer Bosworth”, listed on, and the 3rd would be if you could contact his son, or grandchildren, through his son’s web site

  39. am ;lookking for eagle christians and more of ern baxter’s messages

  40. Brothers

    I grew up spiritually during the ministries of Ern, Derek, Mumford ,etc.
    It was during the “discipleship teachings” and I saw hundreds of people leave the Church and become disallusioned. I myself was in ministry and have walked alone for 20 years or more. I have however never have been able to forget the Supernatural Words and vision that was a part of that move of God and the ministry of those men. For that I am eternally greatful. Their messages are as spiritually relevant today as they were 30 years ago and maybe more important today for a Church at large in need of vision that comes from hearing Gods voice. Love to all who love Him.

  41. I have the eagle Christians tape. It is different from the Life on Wings tape. If someone can tell me how to get it on the web, I would be happy to do that. Thanks so much for this site! I listened to the Eagle Christians tape nearly constantly about 20 years ago – I nearly wore it out. Years later, after several moves, I found it again and made a copy – just in time, the next time I played the original, it was “eaten” by the player. The copy is not the best because I didn’t make it until the original was nearly gone, but it works, and, now that I found it again, I am listening to it often. What a blessing to know there are other teachings of his available too!!! Thank you so much!!

  42. It was prophesied many years agao by brother Tom Bailey (the original founder of PTL -before Jim Bakker) that a day was coming when there would be an abundance of the word but no food in it…Manna without nutritional value. Surely i have seen this come to pass. Re-acquainting myself with Brother Baxter’s divinely inspired and ins[piring words reminds me of how rich our diet was, spiritually. I believe his is an important voice to once again inspire the hearts of believers in the year 2007. Thanks for putting up this site. Many blessings.

    PS: If there is anyway to get casette copies of Ern’s messages please let me know.

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