The Eutychus Song

Liam Thatcher recently posted a poem on his blog entitled “Ode to Eutychus”. I liked it so much that I began experimenting to see if I could put a tune to it. Inspiration struck and before long I found myself writing a chorus for it, which is almost a song in its own right.

Liam’s original poem contains some long words, so a dictionary may be needed (see his post for the glossary):

Through the night St Paul orated.
Eutychus, he hibernated.
Thus he got defenestrated,
Hit the ground; absquatulated!

All the crowd vociferated.
Paul felt quite incriminated.
Earnestly he supplicated,
’til he was reanimated

And here’s the extended chorus I have added:

Oh Eutychus, how could you do this to us?
While Paul was preaching through the night
You gave us such a fright

Oh Eutychus, were you seeking for attention,
were you trying to get a mention
in the book of Acts

Oh Eutychus, why did you interrupt our training
Just as Paul began explaining
Why women should wear hats

Oh Eutychus, it was anything but boring
but still you started snoring
And then we heard a splat

Oh Eutychus, that was such a nasty fall
And I’m so grateful to St Paul
That you lived to tell the tale

Oh Eutychus, I’m so glad that you’re not dead,
I really am so sorry,
I only meant to wake you
I didn’t mean to push you
I hope that you’ll forgive me
Eutychus, O Eutychus

Sadly I don’t have the time to make a proper recording of it, but here’s a quick and somewhat ropey rendition in front of my webcam for your entertainment: