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My friend Mark Mould and I have been plotting the next Saturday Morning Theology course to run at our church. This time we want to cover what is known as “pneumatology”, or the doctrine of the Holy Spirit (the last two were on ecclesiology and soteriology).

We’re putting together a reading list of good books that we have read on doctrine of the Holy Spirit, along with some others that we want to read as part of our preparation. It is not a list of books we completely agree with, as we want to take in a variety of perspectives. I would be interested in any further recommendations you have. I’ve linked to the ones I have reviewed on this blog.

My talks include one on the Baptism in the Spirit (maybe I will revisit some ideas I blogged about a while back), one on Word and Spirit (which I have tonnes of notes on, and might turn into a blog series at some point), one on Jesus and the Spirit (I’m hoping Hawthorne’s book will be particularly helpful for this one), and one on the Spirit in church history from the Puritans through to the present day (I’m particularly looking for book suggestions for what the Puritans said on the Spirit, and I also want to read a bit on the theology of the holiness movement).

7 thoughts on “Holy Spirit Reading List

  1. I see you have Fee’s big book, have you read his shorter one called “Paul, the Spirit and the People of God.” It’s excellent. I like how it tries to cover everything Paul says about the Spirit rather than one aspect that many other books do. It basically presents the synthesis of what he argues for in detail in God’s Empowering Presence.

    On an unrelated note, I forgot how funny the British spelling of “ton” looked until I read this post.

  2. cool, I didn’t know about that. that might save me some time wading through the big volume.

    and yes, it is unfortunate what you have done to our beautiful language 😉

  3. Gordon Fee. “Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God.” Read it, it is absolutely superb. It’s the book on the holy Spirit that NT Wright has never written (you may hear the echo of Wright in the title.)

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