Sam Storm’s recent book Convergence sadly still isn’t available in the UK, but he recently gave three seminars on the subject at Bethlehem Baptist Church, while he was visiting as one of their preachers during John Piper’s sabbatical.

The seminars (and sermons) can be downloaded here and I highly recommend them. The first seminar highlights a number of biblical passages that emphasise both the “Word and Spirit” together. In the second seminar he does a good job of analysing the polarised approaches of “Word” and “Spirit” oriented churches. The final seminar is devoted to a question and answer session.

As you probably know from the title of my blog, I have a passion to see churches grow in both faithfulness to the Word and fullness of the Spirit. People like Sam Storms are vital in modelling how this can be done, and encouraging “convergence” from churches whose emphases are so different that they can hardly imagine what they could possibly learn from those at the other side of the spectrum.

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