Four more articles

I’ve added four more articles to my theology page. The first, “What’s the point?”, is a look at Psalm 73, from a talk I gave at a youth group in Liverpool back in April. The second, “Letter to a friend”, is based on 3 John 1-4, which is something I wrote as part of some studies I did in the epistles of John during the summer. Third is an old article, “New Opportunities” that should have been put up ages ago, on Acts 11:19-26. Finally, I have turned my Full Faith talk from last night into an article – “Prayer and Courageous Action”, based on the life of King Asa from 2 Chron 14-16.

Sadly, I didn’t manage my New Year’s resolution for 2005 to write one article per month for my website, only managing 9 this year. Maybe in 2006.

Interestingly, my friend J-D also gave a talk on Psalm 73 this year, that you can listen to at the All Saints Peckham website (preached on the 4th September 2005).

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