Full Faith 2005

Full Faith meetings are sadly rare occurrences these days, but last night, we enjoyed only the second full faith since moving to Southampton, and the first visiting speaker from KCC – Mark Mould. I spoke first on the life of King Asa from 2 Chronicles 14-16 (hopefully will turn it into an article for my theology page shortly). Mark then used his sermon to defend an allegorical interpretation of the Song of Songs, drawing on quotations from the Puritans. See below for a photo of Mark preaching from our beautifully constructed pulpit:

As usual, there was much hilarity at the start of the meeting, including the traditional notices, and for the first time at Full Faith, a puppet show. We also saw yet another interview with ‘Dave’ (not his real name), a missionary to the rich and famous in Holywood, raising money so he could contextualise himself by living an opulent and lavish lifestyle.

Another first, was an appearance by new youth pastor “Thomas Simon”, shown below performing a magic trick involving handkerchiefs and underpants to demonstrate the real meaning of Christmas:

Selected highlights from the full faith notice sheet follow:

We are pleased to welcome amongst us today guest preacher His Holiness Cardinal Mark Mould VIII, founder of the “Keep Comedy out of the Pulpit” campaign against jokes in sermons.

Manifestation Rationing
To maintain order in our meetings, we are introducing a new scheme where you are only allowed to five manifestations (falling, roaring, convulsing etc) per month. The elder leading the meeting will collect ration tickets after the meeting if you used one. They cannot be traded or carried over to the following month.

New At The Bookstall
Now available in the bookshop – “Scraping the Barrel Vol 7” CD – the songs that didn’t quite make it into Songs of Fellowship. £1 off for the first 2 customers – only £13.99.

Courses for Horses
The Alpha course is now available for horses. Reach out to the otherwise unreached horse lovers, by offering spirituality for their horse. Includes a special “horse-whispering Scripture” day away.

Big Screen
After last Sunday’s viewing of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, we have decided that preachers will now be rationed to a maximum of 60 minutes of video on the big screen. Apologies to those whose dinner burnt.

Children’s Corner: Finish the Bible verses
What would Jesus …?
Waste not, want … ?

7 thoughts on “Full Faith 2005

  1. Well … I find this display of irreverant “house-church-ism” to be most shocking and most disgraceful. I am appalled. That you would tolerate a puppet show in your meetings … words fail me.

    I am a follower of the “New Diaspora” and finding your website has just enhanced my views – I run for the caves!

    Love from Secretary to Nasal Rim No Or – (Boarsby Tex)

  2. Well Mr Rim, it did take me some time to determine your real identity, and quite frankly I am disgusted with your labeling our church as being in “dire crisis”. I hope you stay in those caves for quite some time. (but beware, you will get your come-uppance when the CIA releases its sleeper agents all around the world with the words “John Wimber”).

  3. I’ve added four more articles to my theology page. The first, “What’s the point?”, is a look at Psalm 73, from a talk I gave at a youth group in Liverpool back in April. The second, “Letter to a friend”, is based on 3 John 1-4, which is something I wrote

  4. By the way I am exceedingly glad that your church stream and Cardinal Mark support an allegorical interpretation of the Song of Solomon!! Most sound and most Puritanical. Bravo.

  5. Yet again, the general business of life as a father of three has kept me from posting much up here, so I’ll direct any visitors to some cool stuff I’ve come across this week.

    Mark Mould has started blogging. Mark has become a good friend over the last

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