The Great Cessationist Debate

I’ve had a rather busy few weeks, so have had nothing to put up here for a while, and that will probably continue for a while. I’ve been slowly working my way through all my books to work out who thinks what about the millennium and the rapture. There’s a fairly even spread at the moment of all opinions except pre-trib rapture (dispensational), which is only represented by my wife’s Left Behind books.

However, I have been following the cessationist debate amongst Christian bloggers with some interest, and its probably a good thing I haven’t had the chance to join in, as this is a subject that can run and run. Rob Wilkerson has very helpfully provided an index to posts on the subject. If I can find the time to read through all that and find anything whatsoever that hasn’t already been said, I’ll consider adding my thoughts to the debate.

At our cell group weekend away in the New Forest, I did get the chance to perform my Cessationist hymn though. I’m afraid there is no recording available, but the lyrics are here:

The Cessasionist Hymn (To the tune of ‘My Grandfather’s Clock’)

The gift of tonues was poured out from above,
By the Spirit on those who receive
It is lesser by far than the gift of prophecy
But was used most of all by St. Paul.
It was born on the morn of the day the church was formed
And was always its pleasure and pride
But it stopped… short… never to go again
When the apostles died.

Ninety years without slumbering
Sha la la, sha ba ba
Interpretations following
Sha la la, sha ba ba
But it stopped… short… never to go again
When the apostles died

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