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I decided at the start of this year that I would make an effort to expand my musical horizons by listening to some bands I had not heard before. I started buying a new album a month, but since discovering Spotify I have been able explore many new artists in a way that previously had been out of my budget. Sadly, very few Christian British artists such as Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Martyn Layzell, Phatfish, Vineyard UK etc are currently available on Spotify, but despite that there is no shortage of good new material to try out. Here are the highlights of what I have bought and/or heard on Spotify recently:

Charlie HallThe Bright Sadness
Not really a typical worship album, although opens with a powerful anthem “Chainbreaker”. Has grown on me over several listens and steers clear of typical clichéd lyrics. In “Walk the World” he very makes a very interesting link between the symbolism of the communion meal and our witness.Rating: ★★★★★
SwitchfootThe Beautiful Letdown
Apparently Switchfoot have made it big and been around for a while. Who knew? This is not their latest, but is my favourite of what I have listened to so far. Hard rocking for the most part, and with more intelligent lyrics than you might be expecting.Rating: ★★★★½
Matt MaherEmpty and Beautiful
Not that well-known a name, but his opening track “Your grace is enough” has become well known through Chris Tomlin’s cover. I came across him after his song “I rejoice” was featured on a worship website. Not particularly unique when compared to other worship leader albums, but is very well produced and an enjoyable listen.Rating: ★★★½☆
Marty MageheeOpen
Another artist I had never heard of before, who was previously part of 4Him, yet another Christian band who had passed me by. Anyway, this is his first solo album and its an enjoyable listen, with a nice variety of styles and possibly the one and only song dealing with the “da Vinci Code” in his quirky yet hauntingly beautiful track “Leonardo”.Rating: ★★★½☆

Are you using Spotify? Any album recommendations for me to check out?

5 thoughts on “Spotify Albums of the Month

  1. I don’t know if they’re available on Spotify.
    But I discovered Red Mountain Church recently.
    I would recommend them, especially their albums
    ‘Depth of Mercy’ and ‘This Breaks My Heart of Stone’.
    Not dissimilar from Sovereign Grace Music, but more
    folky and alt-country. Think O Brother Where
    Art Thou.

  2. Thanks for this. I wasn’t aware of spotify (I’m probably getting too old or something) and it’s really hard to get to hear Christian music unless it’s first become popular or just buying on the off chance it sounds good.

  3. You really are cutting edge mark! You’ve discovered this new band called ‘switch foot’ you say?

  4. hi mark
    enjoying your blog that i’ve finally managed to look up. matt redman’s on spotify now by the way!

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