Dove of Love from Above

I was a little disturbed by the mean-spirited smirking at Brian MacLaren’s attempts at song-writing (shame on you Michael Patton and Justin Taylor). True, it was a rather ropey performance and recording of a distinctly average tune with lyrics as subtle as a Mark Driscoll sermon. And there is indeed something refreshing about the thought that even the most hip and cool of the emerging crowd can produce something as equally turgid as any imaginationless evangelical stuck in the yesteryear of modernism.

But this is not Pop Idol, where we derive more pleasure from watching no-hopers squirm as they are cut to size by cruel judges than we do from watching the minority who actually have some talent. No, in the evangelical world, we don’t just want the person with 10 talents to dominate the show. The person with one talent needs to put it to use. We’re so generous in fact that we will gladly give five star ratings to the most musically inept performances and kitsch melodies. Check out the top twenty in the Christian Rock charts on SoundClick if you don’t believe me.

Thankfully, regular readers of my site will already know of my astonishing song-writing capabilities which I am using to single-handedly turn the tide of Christian music. And so, to celebrate the fact that I have finally got the Full Faith website back online, and in anticipation of the long-awaited next Full Faith meeting to be held in Poofwelly on Sunday, I present my latest worship song, “Dove of Love from Above”. And before any of you even think of critiquing it, you need to know that “God gave me this song“.

Dove of Love from Above

I can taste your love
Shining down from above
Fitting me like a glove
Gentle as a dove
And when push comes to shove
I can never get enoughve
Of your love from above

Cover me with your loverly love,
Smother me with thy brotherly love,
My discovery of your otherly love
Soars my heart on above

A live recording will follow if they have the requisite technology in Wales.

3 thoughts on “Dove of Love from Above

  1. An inspired song Mark, I’m just sorry I can’t attend the Full Faith tri-annual meeting. Can you video conference me in!?

    I agreed with your comments as well. As right as it is to strive to be as doctrinally orthodox as we can, there’s something a little “Simon Cowell-esque” about being “right” and feeling quite free to point the finger and smirk at anything that doesn’t quite match up.

  2. That was a truly great song, my only suggestion is to choose you/your or th
    or thee/thine and stick with one or the other. It’s just too confusing when you have your and then thy…

  3. I must be missing something.

    I thought that youtube song was actually pretty good! (Not lyrically, but musically). Very much like Sufjan Stevens in style. I couldn’t believe the bombardment of criticism it got. Probably not Nashville enough for the right-wingers!

    I certainly thought it was better than most of the squeaky-clean over-produced pop that comes out of the Christian music scene in America!

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