Underlined Bits

I thought I would draw your attention to a new blog I have started called Underlined Bits. It exists for one simple purpose – to collect great quotes from evangelical writings. The idea is that it will become a repository for me to quickly access the bits I have underlined in the books I have read. Each quote is tagged with author and keywords, allowing easy searching by topic.

Obviously it will take a while for it to develop into a useful resource, although you may find it beneficial to add it to your RSS reader as a source of daily inspiration. To help it grow with a nice variety of quotes, I have invited a few friends who have similar tastes in books to me to become contributers. They have responded really well and already have contributed some quotes.

I am very open to the idea of other people joining the effort, and will from time to time send out invites. But if the following list of authors contains many of your favourites, then you would be ideally suited to contribute, so feel free to drop me an email…

Charles Spurgeon, J C Ryle, Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, John Piper, Sam Storms, John Stott, Gordon Fee, Don Carson, R T Kendall, Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

In other words, evangelicals, mainly reformed or charismatic. I know that there are plenty of good quotes to be found outside the world of evangelicalism, and the odd one or two may well appear on the blog, but I didn’t want it to become too disparate with lots of quotes that contradict one another, or it will become as worthless as the Wikiquote Christianity page.

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