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I’ve added two new entries to my list of must read blogs, by my friends Jonathan and David Skipper. Jonathan was best man at my wedding, and has named his blog after Samuel Hartlib, following his Geography Masters thesis on the relation between escatology and agricultural methods in the 17th Century (wow!). “Musings on Music” is David’s site, mainly providing reviews on music. David is an outstanding rock guitarist with a taste for the unconventional.

Both Jonathan and David are deep thinkers (with slightly eccentric tendencies!), and though their blogs are still in their infancy, are bound to be thought-provoking to follow. I’ve picked a favourite post from each to give an idea of what can be expected. Dave asks what types of music a Christian should listen to – Listening to Reggae – A Bad Idea? – and proposes some Biblical guidelines. Jonathan will be putting ontology before epistemology in his blog, and goes on to make some helpful comments on using books as your “mentors”.

Anyway these guys deserve a little bit of your love, so why not add them to your RSS reader. If you read blogs and don’t know what an RSS reader is yet, it’s time you found out. I now mainly use the web based Google reader, but for a local application, Sharp Reader is very good.

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