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About a week ago, Bob Kauflin generously offered a free copy of Sovereign Grace’s latest CD of children’s songs to the first 50 people who responded with a promise to review the CD on their blog. I was one of the fortunate 50 who have been promised a CD although mine hasn’t arrived yet.

I’m looking forward to hearing it, particularly as my only other SGM CD, “No greater love” is one of my favourites, and follows in their tradition of songs that are gospel saturated, and Christ exalting in focus.

The other morning though, I woke up wondering what songs would be on a SGM children’s CD. A moment of inspiration later and I had written my very own song which SGM are free to use on a future children’s CD. Here’s the lyrics (and here’s hoping that Bob has a sense of humour):

I choose the ESV
That’s the Bible version for me
It’s been translated literally
When it means ‘he’ it doesn’t say ‘she’

I choose the ESV
Above gender neutrality
Ain’t got a dumbed down vocabulary
Reading it will improve my literacy

I have begun a second song called “I kissed dating goodbye”, and begins “I’m looking for a Proverbs 31 wife, a Titus 2 woman”. I’ll post the full lyrics if I ever get it finished.

And while I was at it, I wrote a Dispensational kids song (I think SGM are classic pre-mill, so this one won’t be featuring on their next CD):

I’m rapture-ready
I know the signs of the times
It’s the great escape
I’m not gonna get left behind

In a moment, in an instant,
In the twinkling of an eye
We’ll be snatched away
As planes fall out of the sky

Get rapture-ready
Read what the Bible has to say
If you don’t understand it
Then read Jenkins and LaHaye

4 thoughts on “Sovereign Grace Childrens Songs

  1. Thanks for this link Dan. I had assumed that Jeff Purswell would have been with Wayne Grudem on most issues. Its a shame its just in outline form – I would be interested in hearing a talk or reading an article by him on it.

  2. They do come in CD format … I will try and usurp my family contacts and see if I can get hold of them for you … as a late Christmas present – seeing as you were so kind with suggestions for mine!!

    Happy Christmas to you, your amazing wife and your lovely kids!! Its such a delight knowing you! And hope we meet up a bit more in 2006!

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