Song – How Can I Grasp

This is a recording of a hymn my friend Ali McLachlan wrote some years ago. We used to sing it a lot at West Street Baptist Church. It is one of my favourites, and works very well in a congregational setting. My recording of it is a bit more contemporary in style than it would normally be played, but that’s just to compensate up for my average quality voice. If you are looking for good modern hymns to use in your church, this one is highly recommended, and I’m sure Ali would be delighted for you to make use of it.

You can download it here, or stream it from my SoundClick page.


How can I grasp this awesome love
That stooped to wash one stained with sin
That won a rebel heart like mine
And died to bring me peace with him?
What grace that fixed that love on me
Selfless yet so undeserved
A love which paid my debt with pain
That death eternal life secured

While others stood outside the light –
Immanuel’s rejection –
He granted me, a son of God
The hope of resurrection.
I cannot tell the debt I owe,
A sum beyond all counting.
His grace has planted faith in me
And cast out all my doubting

This awesome love has won my heart.
How could I love another?
When all I have is found in him,
In Christ and in no other
O may I serve this awesome love
A heart forever grateful
My king, my life, my all in all
May I be ever faithful.


This will be my last recording using SONAR 2, as SONAR 5 arrived today. My eagerness to start a new project using SONAR 5 probably meant that I didn’t spend as much time as I should have done finishing this recording off. There are a few rough edges and bits that need a bit more tidying up, but I’m leaving it as is for now.

Piano was my Yamaha P200 stage piano
Acoustic Guitar was my Yamaha APX-4 with a bit of reverb
Synth Lead Sounds came from Steinberg Hypersonic
Organ was a superb free VSTi – Organised Trio
Lead Guitar was my Yamaha RGX-321 through a Behringer V-Amp
Vocals were me with some Cakewalk EQ and Reverb, plus my trusty Kjaerhus GUP-1 compressor
Bass Guitar was my Yamaha RBX-270 with some GUP-1 compression
Drums made use of some loops from a House sample CD
Mastering as usual was nothing more than a bit of limiting courtesy of Kjaerhus Classic Master-Limiter

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