A Tentpeg Through His Head

By popular request I have posted a recording of my “tentpeg” song. This was written to go on the latest KCC worship album, but for some inexplicable reason it was rejected. It is thoroughly Scriptural, based on Deborah’s song in Judges 5, and the second and third verses especially correspond to Judges 5:24-30 (in fact if you think that the third verse is a bit tasteless, you’re right, but so was Deborah’s song – you’re supposed to be repulsed at the attitude of his mother and her ‘wise’ attendants). If you want to use the song in your church worship, feel free, but do let me know. Credit is also due to Dale Ralph-Davies whose brilliant commentary on Judges really brought this passage alive for me.

The recording is a bit raw. I didn’t have time for drums, so its just acoustic guitar and bass and my voice. I’ve thrown a few of the excellent Kjaerhus free effects on to tidy the sound up a bit, but don’t expect production quality. I just don’t have the time these days to finish my recordings off the way I would like to.

Come hear the story of Deborah
And the defeat of Sisera
She prophesied, “take an army, and fight against Canaan”
The people gladly followed under Barak’s command
And God gave the battle into their hands

There they fell, dead
God’s enemies defeated
Killed by the armies of Yahweh
But their leader ran away

Blessed be Jael the Kenite
Who offered milk and a bed for the night
She took a tent peg in her left hand, and a hammer in her right
And when he started snoring, she approached him from behind
And crushed his skull with all of her might

There he fell, dead
With a tent peg through his head
Killed by a friend of the family
As he slept in her bed

Poor old Sisera’s mummy
Wonders where her little boy has gone
“Now don’t you worry, he’ll be home soon”
“He’s probably raping a girl or two”
“And when he’s done with them he’ll steal some clothes for you”

There he lay, dead
With a tent peg through his head
Killed by a friend of the family
As he slept in her bed

5 thoughts on “A Tentpeg Through His Head

  1. I’m afraid this is the just the sort of thing I would expect from someone who pastors such a church as the Full Faith church. As I said in my comment in your guestbook, I am appalled that such behaviour as seen in the photos can go on, and that such songs as this can be used in your worship services. Honestly, I have never come across such a lack of discernment and I think your website visitors deserve an apology.


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