Some new articles

I have uploaded a few new articles to my theology page.

Two are actually articles that I wrote last year but never got round to proof-reading and uploading to my site:
In at the Deep End (Mark 6:7-13;30-32) looks at Jesus sending his disciples out on his first mission, and the instructions he gave them.
On a Plate (Mark 6:14-29) tackles the story of the beheading of John the Baptist.

More recently, I have been writing and article on the lessons that may be gleaned from Exodus 18 (the story of Jethro’s advice to Moses), particularly in relation to church growth. The church I attend has been discussing the challenges related to growing larger recently and at a day conference I attended today, Exodus 18 came up as the speaker’s main text. This gave me the inspiration to put the finishing touches on my article and upload it.
Sharing the Load (Ex 18:1-27)

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