(Unfinished) Song–You have set my heart free

A couple of months ago I started to record a song I wrote based on the “Daleth” section of Psalm 119, which is one of my favourite parts of the Psalm. I ran into a few technical difficulties with my recording setup along the way and never really got round to finishing it. Hopefully at some point in the future, I can finish it off properly, but since I am blogging my way through Ps 119 at the moment, I thought I’d post it in its current state. Apologies for my rather out of tune singing. I did manage to record one good take, but realised later I’d got the words wrong!

The lyrics are based very closely on Ps 119:25-32 NIV (1984)

I am laid low in the dust
Preserve my life according to your word
I recounted my ways and you answered me
Teach me your decrees

Let me understand the teaching of your precepts
That I will meditate on your wonders
I have chosen the way of truth
I have set my heart on your laws

My soul is weary with sorrow
Strengthen me according to your word
Keep me from deceitful ways
Be gracious to me through your law

Let me understand…

I hold fast to your statutes Lord
Let me not be put to shame
I run in the path of your commands
For you have set my heart free

I have set my heart on your laws
For you have set my heart free

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