Five things I have never bought

Expert blogging tip #435: If you don’t have anything worth saying, just create a random top 10 list. If you really are running low on inspiration, make it a top five list that only has four items in it.

1. A Television

We never planned to own a television when we got married, but well-meaning relatives keep giving the things to us, presumably to ensure that the kids don’t grow up weird or deprived.

2. Anything made by Apple

I’m a cheapskate, what can I say? Plus if I started using Apple products, it would make all the trendy people feel very insecure about themselves.

3. A U2 Album

Sometimes it makes me wonder if I really am a Christian at all.

4. A Coat

I hate clothes shopping. Its best to wait until your wife is so embarrassed by the state of your attire that she goes and buys stuff for you.

Other things I have never bought include lottery tickets and armour of God pajamas. Feel free to comment with things you have never bought…

3 thoughts on “Five things I have never bought

  1. But that’s only 4, or 6 if you count the double entry. 😉
    1. Love
    2. Stiletto-heeled shoes
    I’d break my neck if I wore them.
    3. A new car (I mean brand new)
    I’d be scared of damaging it.
    4. A U2 album
    but I am a Christian!
    5. A plane ticket to New Zealand
    but I wish I could!

  2. I have never purchased a book written by Professor Zinzaboo M’harishi Tkawwwakandawaa.

    That’s because they don’t exist.

    P.S. Mark, you were always better at Maths than me. Probably still are, to a certain degree, but please allow me to draw attention to a potential spelling mistake in the subtitle of your site … “Pursing”?


  3. Thanks Liz, I’ve never bought anything on your list either.

    Michael, when the venerable Professor finally publishes a book, I will be first in line to get a signed copy. As for the spelling mistake, … oops, I was clearly too focussed on working out whether “fullness” had one or two ‘l’s

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