Song – More of You

It has been far too long since I last recorded a song, so over Christmas I spent a few evenings in my home studio (well, in my dining room actually). The song I chose is called “Lord, You Desire” and was written by my friend John-Daniel Laurence. It has been one of my favourites ever since I first heard him play it. If you would like to hear the official version, get hold of the Your Favour album from All Saints Peckham.

As usual, the recording isn’t really ‘finished’ as there are a multitude of improvements I would like to make, but I have decided to stop here. You can listen to my version here:

[audio:|titles=More of You|artists=Mark Heath]

Recording Notes

Mixing – the whole song was recorded and mixed in REAPER.
Drums – programmed with EZdrummer, using the Nashville kit, plus some compression
Bass – played on my Yamaha bass, with with some extra compression and EQ
Vocals – I made a real mess of recording these due to difficulties getting a good signal level. I then added EQ and compression and used the new Bootsy EpicVerb for reverb.
Piano – I used the True Pianos demo, with some EQ to take the low end off, some very gentle compression and a convolution reverb.
Electric Guitar – used a patch from Line6 GearBox.
Cello – uses a Dimension Pro patch


Lord, you desire a heart that’s pure and holy
Without holiness, no one can see you Lord
Blessed are the pure in heart; they shall see you
A heart after your heart, this is what you desire

Give me a heart that burns for you
A passion that will never fade away
Give me a devotion that will never cease to cry
More of you in my life

I need more of you, more of you
More of you in my life

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