I have been far too busy to blog in the last month, but I thought I would add a quick report on Acceler8, the newfrontiers regional Bible weekend I attended last weekend with my family.

It was the first event of its kind, so I was half expecting it to be something of a disorganized shambles, but I have to say I was highly impressed with how smoothly the whole thing ran. Credit to Luke Wood and the others on the event team.

Here are my highlights…

  • Excellent Bible teaching from Terry Virgo. I have heard him speak on no less than four holidays this year, and he hasn’t repeated a sermon once!
  • Great times of worship led by three bands who all did a superb job
  • Seeing God at work in our children’s lives, particularly Ben who made a commitment to become a Christian during the week, and has developed a real passion for prayer and worship.
  • With four small children, we really appreciated the relaxed schedule without having to rush between meetings all the time.
  • The chill out tent and afternoon activities were well thought out. The penny sweet table was a big hit with our children too!

And of course, no camping trip is complete without a few low points…

  • Freezing cold Friday night
  • Flooded tent Saturday night
  • The 10 minute walk from our tent to the toilets
  • Crashing out the 5-aside football in the first round
  • Sitting in traffic jams at Lyndhurst

I’m glad to hear that the event will be running again next year. I wouldn’t mind if they made it a day longer, to squeeze in a seminar or two (but keeping the relatively sparse schedule).

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