Pride and Prayerlessness

Most books on prayer observe that prayer functions as a declaration of our dependence on God. As we pray we acknowledge who God really is and who we really are. He is the Creator and we are the creatures. He is omnipotent and we are powerless.

Prayer therefore is an expression of humility, which set me thinking about what that says about me when I pray very little. Prayerlessness is an expression of pride and independence. When we don’t pray, we in effect say to God “I’m getting along just fine without you at the moment thanks, I’ll call you when I need you.”

The same is true for churches. A church that does not pray is a proud church. It is too comfortable with the way things are to feel the need to beseech God to intervene and change things.

“If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray…” (2 Chron 7:14)

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