Go and Do Likewise

I’ve been preparing to lead a cell group meeting on the parable of the Good Samaritan, and have been thinking about the reasons that cause us to “walk on by” when we come across someone in need. I’ll post my notes up on my theology page when they’re done.

As I prepared it, it reminded me of a website I had been sent a link to, of someone asking for help because his daughter was seriously ill and the medical bills were out of control. Of course, there were excuses readily to hand. Could this be a scam? Ought there not to be some kind of charity that could give him a grant? Won’t my giving be inefficient because it is an American so there won’t be gift aid and I’ll have to pay a currency conversion fee on top of PayPal fees? And aren’t there a thousand even more pressing concerns?

But as I thought these thoughts, a line from Martin Layzell’s wonderful song “Walk as Jesus Walked” kept running through my head.

To see the poor and not pass by is to walk as Jesus’ walked.

For whatever reason, this particular need had come across my path. And every time the song came into my head, I was reminded of it. Finally, today, I made a small donation. It would have been very easy, and quite understandable (some might even say wise!) to pass by. But I felt the Spirit prompted me to practice what I was preaching, and to help without making excuses.

Heidi Baker has a saying…

We should stop every single time for each person

I need to learn to stop just one time.

Jesus closed the parable of the good Samaritan with a simple command:

Go, and do likewise

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