New Wine 2007

We’ve just got back from this year’s New Wine, and as usual, we found it to be a great time of meeting with God, and being inspired and refreshed through the worship and the Word. The highlight this year was Simon Ponsonby’s morning Bible teachings on the Great Commissions of the four gospels and Acts. If you haven’t heard him before, head over to the St Aldate’s sermons page and have a listen. He’s one of those all too rare people who bring Word and Spirit together, combining passion with theology.

While you’re there, check out some of Charlie Cleverly’s sermons. He also spoke a number of times at New Wine, on Song of Songs, and on martyrdom, based on his book “The Passion that Shapes Nations“.

I also bought Simon Ponsonby’s new book, “God Inside Out“, which is a theology of the Holy Spirit. I’m liking what I’m reading so far. Expect a review here soon.

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  1. I heard Ponsonby on Romans at Spring Harvest a few years back. Very good. Everywhere I turn people seem to be recommending Cleverly’s book… I guess I might need to get it!

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