Newfrontiers theological papers

Newfrontiers have recently updated their website, and there are two exciting new developments. First is a section for theological papers. There are only four there at the moment, and some of them look more like notes for a talk, but I am hoping we will see a lot more coming in future months.

The other exciting development is that the talks from Together on a Mission 2007 will be made available for free download. This is very generous of them, and the first couple of main sessions are already available (even before the conference has ended!).

4 thoughts on “Newfrontiers theological papers

  1. If you are so unsure of Rob, you should really check out his sermons online. We’ve been listening to them for almost a year now and it’s not exaggerating to say we have been transformed. I would say his main message is not miracles and the annointing (though he does talk about that a lot) but grace. I can understand that his other teachings can sound a bit strange at times but they are expecially difficult to ‘swallow’ if taken out of the context of his main message of grace. All that being said, we don’t need to agree with all of someone’s doctrine in order to recieve impartation from them. If nothing else is clear to me, I can see that he passionately loves God and God passionately loves him back. We almost always experience the powerful manifest presence of God when we listen to Rob vie internet, and it wouldn’t be overstating the case to say that this has saved our lives.

    So much for my defence of Rob! Glad you were were able to make it for the day and look forward with you to hearing more from Andrew!

  2. hi Julie,
    I have listened to a number of Rob Rufus’ messages online, although none I heard were about grace. I have tried to be more open towards him than I would normally be, because I consider Terry Virgo to be very discerning. However, I do have issues with a few of the things he teaches. Andrew Fountain is actually staying very close to my house for the next few weeks, so I am hoping to have him round for dinner and see what he has to say.

  3. [i]If nothing else is clear to me, I can see that he passionately loves God and God passionately loves him back.[/i]

    Hi, Julie
    Surely it’s the other way round?

  4. Charity, good call…I’m sure that’s what I mean, or maybe I mean both…

    Mark, have a great time with Andrew. He’s a great one to fire questions at, in my limited experience with him and Ann.

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