1 Peter Study Notes

I have been studying the book of 1 Peter over recent months, and the cell group I lead is also working through it this term. I tend to keep notes as I work my way through a book, turning each section of a few verses into a mini exposition, which helps me to think through the theological issues it raises and apply it practically. After I have done this, I will then consult one or two commentaries, to check whether I have missed or misunderstood anything. I keep a collection of quotes and interesting observations on each passage as well, which help if I preach or lead a Bible study on that passage.

I’ve been using Google Docs & Spreadsheets recently, which allows me to very easily publish what I’ve done so far. The nice thing about Google Docs is that if I update these documents, they are automatically updated online, which is good, because I will probably update them in the future when I am working on passages from 1 Peter again. It also means I can update them from any computer with internet access.

1 Peter has been a great book to study. It has its share of complicated bits, but I’ve been helped through by the Baker Exegetical Commentary by Karen Jobes and the Revised Expositors Commentary by J Darryl Charles. I’ve also consulted my New American Commentary by Tom Schreiner from time to time as well.

So here is the index to my study notes on 1 Peter, which are now complete for the whole book.

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