Its a bit quiet here

I thought I’d just check in briefly as its been a while since I posted anything here. Here’s what I have been up to in the last few weeks:

Programming. New versions of some of my MIDI file related utilities are available for download on my software page.
Recording – I’ve been writing a new song, based on a Celtic prayer, which I’m beginning to record.
Reading – you can have a look at some blog entries that caught my attention recently thanks to Google reader’s new
shared items feature. I am also slowly but surely working my way through the Revised Expositor’s Bible commentary on 1 & 2 Peter & Jude.
Studying – I have been busy preparing a couple of talks for various cell groups and youth events. The topics have included the cross, Rom 12:1,2 and integrity.
Dedication – We had a dedication service for our three children last Sunday afternoon. It took quite a lot of preparation, but went really well. A lot of friends and family came, including many who are not Christians.

2 thoughts on “Its a bit quiet here

  1. see part 4 of your blog, it would be nice to from you, having such an intimate knowledge and love for the church in Dble and to find out how your parents are doing bye B.

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