2 thoughts on “MIDI File Splitter

  1. Hello Mark,

    I have been trying out your Midi File Splitter utility. I’ve been pleased to find that it is very close to being the solution to my needs but there are a couple of queries I have with it :-

    1. I am choosing to output to Midi file type 1. However when I examine the output I find that data from all channels has been put into just one track. Midi file type 1 should have a separate track for each midi channel ?

    2. It appears that if no midi note data is found in a region then a file is not created. In the midi files I am working with, the first region is used for setup data eg. program change, controller data. Would it be possible to add an option to allow output files to be created even if they do not contain note data ?

    If these issues could be addressed then this program will be just what I’m looking for so I do hope you’ll consider them although I realise that you may no longer wish to support the program.


    Phil Roberts

  2. hi Phil, I’m sorry for the delay responding. I’m not actively maintaining MIDI file splitter at the moment. Do feel free to add your feature requests to the Codeplex site though so that they are logged for the future just in case I ever do have need to revisit this app.

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