Wordandspirit Vodcast 1

OK, I had a crazy idea this week. After enjoying listening to some podcasts from other Christian bloggers, I thought I would have a go myself (although I’ve gone one better and made a vodcast)!

Its about 15 minutes long, and its actually quite boring. I’m really sorry about that. If I do another one I will plan more carefully what I want to say before I record myself.

Anyway, let me know if you have any technical issues watching it. My wife listened to it and says it doesn’t get interesting until about half way through.

And I would love to know… am I the first Christian blogger to vodcast (churches excluded)? Or have I been beaten to it?

4 thoughts on “Wordandspirit Vodcast 1

  1. Just finished listening – thanks Beef!

    Only technically-related comment is that it was hard to see the books clearly (the ones you held up), but I guess this is a problem inherent to small webcams… And perhaps a bit more lighting in the room would be nice if possible…

    Otherwise no problems, and I enjoyed hearing what you had to see and seeing a familiar face on the net!

    Maybe I’ll have to try something similar at some point…

  2. Wow! That was great!! Well my first thought is that we should hold a proper Full Faith and post that so that our members across the world can gain insights into what we do!!

    Secondly absolutely thrilled to hear that you are preaching on Sunday! I will be praying for you so much as you declare the glorious Gospel!

    It was great to see your pioneering move into Vodcasts and we say “More!”.

  3. thanks for the feedback Dave & Dan
    My webcam is ancient. I could probably get a much better one quite cheaply.

    As for Full Faith, there will definitely be some video footage next time we have one. Watch this space!

  4. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the mention!

    I’ve yet to listen to the whole of it, so when I do I’ll make a comment.

    Also GREAT idea! I’ve already registered with Google Video and will shamelessly copy you soon…..

    Go well bro!


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