Happy Christmas

Today represents a great moment in the history of my blog. I have been ‘tagged’ with a Merry Christmas ‘meme’, thanks to Sven, who brought tears to my eyes (well almost) with his kind words about my blog.

So now I am supposed to wish Merry Christmas to two people whose blogs I regularly read, and suggest a Christmas present for them.

So first up is Merry Christmas to Dan at Life on Wings. Dan would of course appreciate books to read. The trouble is, he has so many books that it would be hard to get him one he hasn’t already got. But he is also a Christian conference junkie. Book him a day visit to a conference at any of the following churches: Hillsong London, Church of Christ the King Brighton, Kensington temple, Westminster Chapel, and he will be forever grateful to you.

Secondly, Merry Christmas to Jeremy Pierce at Parableman. He’s another book lover, and I’m not sure I would know what book he wants. But after his comments on my recent posts on the charismatic gifts, perhaps he could be given The gift of tongues (“for serving”).

Finally, I want to say Merry Christmas to Jonathan Skipper. He was my best man at my wedding, and in his Christmas card his wife Claire said that he had started a blog. Trouble is, I don’t have the link to it. How about posting a link in the comments Jon?

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  1. Hi Beef,

    only just read your Christmas greetings! Happy Christmas to you too. It’s nice to be back in more contact with you again!

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