Song – No other god

I’ve finished recording my first song using SONAR 5. This time its an upbeat praise song called “No other god” written by Mark Cox. It was a favourite at my previous church, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they still sing it occasionally there. I’ve kept the backing relatively simple this time, with just one guitar plus bass and drums.

You can download it or stream it online from here


There is no other god, who’s worthy of my praises
There is no other god, who’s worthy of my love
There is no other name, by which I’m saved
There is no other god in whom I trust

For He is glorious, God of all the heavens
He is glorious, Lamb upon the throne
Yes He is glorious, God of my salvation
I will praise His name forevermore
I will praise His name forevermore

(second time: For You are glorious…)


I wanted to use this project to get to grips with some of the new workflow enhancements in SONAR 5. I decided to keep this recording short and simple, without any instrumental breaks.

Guitar – recorded direct through my V-Amp. I struggled to get the exact sound I wanted, either on the V-Amp or using plugins, but I settled for the “Crunch V-Amp” amp model in the end.
Bass – is my Yamaha bass DI-ed, with Kjaerhus Compression
Vocals – Me again (sorry) with some compression and reverb
Drums – Used sfz with natural studio lite soundfont. I played the drums in live on the keyboard (2 takes – one for bass & snare, one for cymbals), and then did some extensive tidying up later. I actually used two instances of sfz, so that I could process the kick separately. I always have trouble getting the nskit kick to cut through the mix, so I applied some EQ to bring it out a bit more in this track.
Mastering – Kjaerjhus master-limiter.

2 thoughts on “Song – No other god

  1. Hi Mark tis mark cox.
    Yes we do still sing my song (usually when i’m not there)
    I haven’t written any more yet although i do have a couple of good tunes but no words to go with them.
    Last year i sort of managed to fit the words of Psalm 139 to “smells like teen spirit” By Nirvana but i don’t think we’ll sing it at church (too much screaming!)
    The other week i was looking to see if any Psalms or anything like that would fit to the tune of Amarillo which would be fun! Although I think na na na na na na na na Praise God! is a bit too cheesy!
    Ever thought of doing a praise song about Ehud?

  2. Hi Mark,

    A song about Ehud is a great idea! And yes, I very much doubt West Street would sing your Psalm 139 song (although I imagine that there are a few churches that would go in for it).

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