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Amazingly, my website passed 10,000 visitors this last week. I’m sure that most of these are just me checking to see that my site is working correctly, but they can’t all be me. Quite why people are tuning in to my incoherent ramblings I’m not sure, but since you’re reading this perhaps I can make a prayer request.

I am going in to hospital tomorrow (4th Oct) for an operation. It’s not a major one – I could well be coming home the same day, but it will be my first experience of surgery and general anaesthetic. Please pray that the operation will be successful, and that my recovery is quick. I will probably have about two weeks off work, during which I plan to do some reading and praying, which I hope will be a profitable time for me.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thinking about you for tomorrow.

    I’m a GP, so if there’s anything that you want to ask then feel free to email me!

    I’m excited that so many people ‘tuned in’ to you last week. Perhaps it was because we touched on a number of issues that are ‘close to peoples hearts’ and the ‘word’ got around?

    I think that there’s so much to discuss and explore within these issues of practical ekklesiology that it would be good to continue the debate.

    All the best bro’,


  2. thanks Richard,

    The operation went well, and I’ve not been in too much pain. I just have to wait now for the wound to heal up, which is a bit frustratingly boring. I’ve done a bit of reading (John Stott – Sermon on the Mount) and listening to some Old Testament theology lectures online.

    I’m hoping I’ll be up to using the computer a bit more this coming week so that I can post a few more blog entries.

  3. Good to hear!

    I’ve read that Stott version. Wasn’t too bad.

    I’m not sure of his exposition of the beatitudes where each links ‘neatly’ to the next – sort of felt like he forced his own desire for fluidity onto the text. They also had a ‘very’ reformation-style personal pietistic slant. Sort of a dry individualistically framed doctrinal feel.

    I like what Tom Wright says about the beatitudes, putting them in their 1st centuary polito-socio-cultural-covenental light!

    Blessed are those who hunger for God’s ‘justice’ (dikaiosune/transformational-covenental-fidelity) – for they will experience it!

    Imagine saying *that* into an eschatologically minded 1st centuary 2nd temple judiastic context!!! Definately in the ‘ball park’ of anti-roman protest!


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