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Eerdmans have recently announced their fall catalog. They publish a huge number of commentary series (including the excellent Pillar, New International, New Greek Testament, and Tyndale series) as well as many individual volumes, so I am always eager to find out what’s coming next from them.

5 new commentaries are on their way, although the only one that grabs my attention is the new NIGTC Matthew by Nolland, which is a generously sized 1600 pages and promises to bring “new evidence for an early date of composition”. There are also the first two volumes in a new series “The Two Horizons New Testament Commentary” which interestingly “[seeks] to bridge the chasm between academic biblical studies and systematic theology, [offering] section-by-section exegesis in conversation with theological concerns.”

IVP are still steadily heading towards completing their “Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture” with a few more releases due over the next few months (Mark, Hebrews, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel). They are also advertising a new Revelation commentary on the Greek Text by Stephen Smalley.

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Smalley last year when he gave a series of lectures on Revelation in preparation for the publication of this commentary.

    I think some evangelicals won’t like what he has to say, but if the book is half as good as the lectures it will be a worthwile purchase. He opts for what he calls a ‘soft universalism’ as regards the final destiny of humanity and seemed a bit vague on the issue of the physicality of the resurrection body but should be a great read.

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