Last Supper

We decided to have a communion meal together as a Cell Group last week. It was nice to have an opportunity to take the Lord’s supper over a meal and spend some time considering what it means, rather than squashing it into a 5-minute part of a Sunday meeting. As you can see from the photo, we actually went to great lengths to recreate the historical situation of the last supper, right down to the clothes they would have worn (that’s right – dressing gowns and tea-towels). And in case you’re wondering, we had an authentic first century Jewish lasagne and Mississippi Mud Pie.

Two interesting blogs I’ve come across recently. First is Scot McKnight – the first commentary writer I know of who blogs. He’s writing some interesting stuff about Carson’s book on the Emerging church at the moment. Second is Rob Wilkerson – another reformed charismatic.

1 thought on “Last Supper

  1. Most Excellant Theopholus….
    and it looks like you are partaking in the grape!
    I hope it is not just juice….lol

    That looks like a ton of fun.
    Thanks for sharing.

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