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I’ve had a rather busy week, writing some essays and researching how to PInvoke the ACM API using .NET. But here’s some of the interesting sites I’ve been looking at this week:

– My team leader in my previous job, Richard Abbott, spends much of his spare time studying Hebrew and related languages. He has a growing collection of resources on his Old Testament Studies website. His recent article on Balaam was interesting.
– Sven was in fine form last week, insightfully pointing out key areas for reformation in the church as well as the delightful charismatic book of modern prayer (I especially liked the opening verse of the processional hymn). On a more serious note, his N T Wright-esque kingdom / eschatalogy article is worth a read.
– Mark Robert’s excellent series on the TNIV is well worth tuning in to. 9 posts in and he’s only just got round to discussing some of the issues of controversy.
– Tim Challies provoked some interesting discussion with his post on Three Views of Sunday
– Another new version of the amazing .NET open source implementation Mono is out. Where do they get the time to do all this?
– Two new (and free) guitar amp VST’s appeared this week: Tubester and Cortex.
– And finally, Andrew Fountain from Toronto has a remarkable amount in common with me – as well as being a former student at ECS, Southampton University he is a Calvinist from a reformed baptist background, who now attends a New Frontiers church. Check his site out.

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