Dr Cale Speaks Out

Outraged at my recent posting of the tentpeg song, Dr June Cale speaks his mind in the comments:

“I’m afraid this is the just the sort of thing I would expect from someone who pastors such a church as the Full Faith church. As I said in my comment in your guestbook, I am appalled that such behaviour as seen in the photos can go on, and that such songs as this can be used in your worship services. Honestly, I have never come across such a lack of discernment and I think your website visitors deserve an apology.”

He also posted some more of his caustic vitriol in my guestbook:
I was most concerned to see some of the manifestations in your so called Full Faith church as faith seems to be the last thing they are full of. As for the notices about pro-organ groups orgnising a battle, I could hardly believe such a thing could go on in the name of Church. I sincerely hope the gatherings have, like many of the genuine gifts, ceased long ago, and that that is the reason for the site not having been recently updated.

I would be grateful if you could provide some kind of response, either in this guestbook or on your weblog as I believe they are known.
Forgive me for not entering an email address – it is nothing personal but I don’t want to risk being infected with any viruses or should I say, “manifestations” from your site.

All I can say is that it is you, Dr Cale, who lacks the discernment. Your heresy hunting attitude causes you to write off all that is good in the modern church. If you don’t embrace the same manifestations as Full Faith, you are clearly from an apostate and dead church. I don’t even want to waste my time trying to reason with such closed-minded unbereans as yourself. You are clearly darkened in the futility of your understanding and are predestined to remain stuck in your parochial backwaters forever.

But hold on a minute, before I get too carried away. Don’t I remember you coming to Full Faith on more than one occasion, doctor? In fact, I have a funny feeling that you were our honoured guest, preaching behind more plants than the main Stoneleigh platform:

And don’t claim that you didn’t realise what our church was like. I have proof here that you were even dancing in a “Devenish” manner with the rest of the Full Faith apostolic team (even though someone has clearly tried to destroy the evidence):

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