IVP New Testament Commentaries Available Online

The outstanding Bible Gateway website has now got what appears to be the full text of the IVP New Testament commentaries online. See the index here.

You can read more about this series on the IVP website. This is fantastically generous of IVP, and will be a real blessing to many who can’t afford individual commentaries as well as a useful resource for getting a second opinion on a text. Until recently, Matthew Henry pretty much the only worthwhile freely available commentary online.

Not every volume in the series is there, but the majority are. Many in the series have been written by scholars who have also written highly acclaimed longer commentaries on the same book.

I am particularly looking forward to having a read of the following:
Matthew – Craig Keener
Luke – Darryl Bock
1 Timothy & Titus – Philip Towner
Revelation – J. Ramsey Michaels

And if his oustanding NICNT commentary on Philippians is anything to go by, I would recommend looking at the Gordon Fee on Philippians for IVP NTC.

It seems outrageously ungrateful to criticise, but the site could do with a bit of work on usability. It is not that clear what section of Scripture you are reading comments on. It would also be nice to have the option for the text to be displayed alongside the commentary, and even nicer if Bible references were hyperlinked. This could make the online commentary experience even better than owning the book. The commentary introductions are not present either, but it would be rude to complain about that, as it leaves some incentive to buy the book.

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