More 2005 Commentaries

Some more good news about forthcoming commentaries. The NIGTC series is continuing to progress rapidly with 2 Corinthians (Harris) due out soon. John Nolland has finished his manuscript for the volume on Matthew so hopefully that will be appearing before too long.

The NAC series will also take a few more steps towards completion this year with commentaries on Genesis vol 2(Matthews), Psalms vol 2 (Shepherd), Isaiah vol 1 (Walker) and 1 Corinthians (Guthrie) due out this year.

Tom Wright is also preparing commentaries on Philippians and Galatians, although I don’t know what series these will be for.

2 thoughts on “More 2005 Commentaries

  1. Is this George Guthrie? This is the one NT volume I haven’t ever seen anyone listed for except the obviously bogus Amazon listing of David Garland, who did II Cor in this series and I Cor in BECNT.

    So I guess this means Guthrie’s BECNT on II Cor is going to be a while. It’s interesting that Guthrie and Garland switch-hit for the Corinthian letters for the two series. Jacob Milgrom and Baruch Levine did the same thing for Leviticus and Numbers in the Anchor Bible and JPS series.

  2. Yes, I basically did a search on Amazon for “New American Commentary” and sorted by publication date. George Guthrie on 1 Corinthians comes out top with a projected release date of 1 Dec 2005.

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