2005 Commentary News

There are lots of exciting new commentaries to look forward to in 2005. Check my commentaries web page for all the details. Here’s the highlights:

  • The Baker Exegetical Commentary series is progressing nicely with Philippians (Silva) and 1 Peter (Jobes) out soon.
  • There will be some more additions to the New Cambridge Bible Commentary series, notably 1 & 2 Corinthians by Craig Keener.
  • The IVPNTC series nears completion with volumes on Mark (Kernaghan) and 2 Peter & Jude (Harvey and Towner). IVP are also rapidly progressing the ACC series, and some of the exisiting volumes will be made available on CD-ROM this year.
  • Bruce Waltke’s second NICOT volume on Proverbs will be published soon
  • Focus on the Bible add a commentary on Matthew by Price, and Tom Wright’s “For Everyone Series” will get Romans.

Sadly no news yet of anything for this year from the NICNT, Pillar or NIGTC series.
It’s also worth pointing out that Wesley Owen have an excellent sale on the WBC and NIVAC series running at the moment.

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